River Alyn Rossett North Wales

leigh gregory

Active member
Dec 15, 2014
Hi all...is there anybody on the forum that fishes the River Alyn in Rossett North Wales up stream, just wondering what your thoughts are on this river and if many fish it as ive not seen an awful lot of people on it. I know not many youngsters fish it as its possible that sum of the old school folk don't use Computers etc...I use to fish this in the mid 80s when I was a boy and it was very productive, ive joined this year to re live childhood dreams but it seams very overgrown and un managed with hell of a lot of which I think is "CHINESE KNOT WEED" I know there is sum people who trim back trees etc , but the fish don't seam to be there...do the environment Agency not get involved with clearing up the river and taking out the fallen trees as there is quite a lot of water there where you can not fish because of this.? Tight lines folks.:thumbs: