River Taff - June 2015 - advice please?


Sep 25, 2012
Canton Cardiff
hello..new member.. and newish to fly fishing. I fish a beautful stretch of the river taff in Cardiff below footbridge in Radyr. I did a fly fishing class here run by river warden and caught a couple of grayling on my frist trip. I have caught grayling almost every trip on dry fly and also casting a nymph to far bank and retrieving using small sharp movements. ( I know from youtube that this is not the way to nymph but when I cast upstream and my 9ft leader is not tight so I dont spot any takes and I find it a bit dull)

I have alot of questions but will limit myself to two..

1. is there a premium time to fish? last few nights I fished from 4pm untill 8pm on a stretch where there have always been lots of fish rising..despite a huge ammount of fly activity i did not see one rise?

2. I have been fishing for a year now and my learning is through books, trying and failing and you tube. can anyone advise on making the next step? i.e going from single nymph to the more complicated patterns? and advice on leaders... i buy a 9ft tapered leader and put a nymph/fly on the end. this is expensive and mostly inneffective..

thanks rick, canton


Jan 8, 2013
Using a nymph Try tying one dropper about 2-3 feet up the leader using a water knot, make the dropper about 12-18 inches, and tie a buoyant dry on it (like a klinkhammer or royal wulff). Instant indicator, which may catch too. Vary the distance of the dropper up the leader for depth.