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Aug 25, 2011
Off to Italy in September, and as well as seeing the sights, I will be packing a rather small fly outfit.…..that’s if I can keep it hidden from the girlfriend! But what are the opportunities for fly-fishing in the area? Anyone been / tried? Any info most welcome.

Have friends that live near Rome , 50 min drive from airport ,
next to lake Bracciano , catch pike out the lake on fly , have also caught big carp , but not on fly , It’s not really set up for fishing ,It’s a big lake , I hire a pedslow , they hire them by the hr , but do a good deal for the day
lol , Some big pike in there , only had small ones , it’s a beautiful lake with nice restaurants on its shores , to keep the girlfriend happy , , Tell her your taking her for a meal , then out on the pedalow ,for some sight seeing of the lake , lol I never mention mention fishing to my mrs ,until it s to late ,!