Rutland 2/6/20 - Life after Lockdown

Rob Edmunds

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May 8, 2008
Midlands Reservoirs
I hit Rutland early today and fished from the bank, trying to get a good look round.

With bright sun, and a 7 to 8mph North wind it wasn't ideal....

The quality of the fish is superb, most fish i caught weighed 2lb 12oz to 3lb with a good few bigger still, all silvered up and grown on ( The best weighed around 4lb 8) except for a few fresh stockies from the Lodge to Normanton Church

Started at 4.30am at the Lodge, had a couple of quick fish on a fast intermediate and hummungus, best was about 3lb, but I also had a couple of fresh stockies so moved off quickly.

5.30 Blue Pipes, another 2 quick fish including a 3lb brown which was returned.

6.30 Fantasy Island 4 fish, best a brown well over 4lb, still on the hummungus and fast intermediate.

9.00 Normanton Church a solitary stockie, fresh as a daisy with rough red tail

11.00 Green Bank and Old Hall nothing off the Green bank as its too shallow for bank anglers, but a nice silvered up rainbow from Old Hall Flats on a black buzzer, middle dropper ( about 7- 8 ft deep under bung)

12.30 Carrot Creek, another silvered up rainbow on the buzzer ( under the bung)

14.00 Transformer 2 really nice rainbows again over 3lb on buzzers on the "Washing Line" on a floater...small Black booby point.

Packed up at 14.30

It was noticable that first thing in the morning the fish were in tight, almost hugging the banks. With no need to even wade. In hindsight I wish I tried dries as they would definitely have worked, especially in the calm water off the dam or at fantasy island....there were fish up and moving, some already on the "pin fry"

From approximately 09.30 once the sun was up the fish moved out of the had to cast a long line and basically "park your flies out there " at range , either under the bung or on the washing line, and just let them find it.

A great day, but once conditions are right it will fish even better

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