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Jun 24, 2008
Hi Folks,

Here is my range of blob fritz. This is translucent boosted folks so you get the best profile and very easy to tie with.

The deadly Sweetcorn blobs

Dennis the Menace blob

Fl Sunburst


Black (jet black)
Fl Sunburst
Fl Orange
Fl Yellow
F.O. Fl Yellow (my special fl yellow that glows green in the water)
Hot Coral
Fl Peach
Picric Flush Orange
Fl Pink
Fl Custard
Buttercup Yellow
Bright Blue
Bright Red
Fl Chartreuse
Fl Cat Green
Candyfloss Pink
Dark Burnt Orange

Also available:

Sunburst n' Silver
Sunburst n' Gold
Fl Orange n' Silver
Fl Orange n' Gold
Fl Orange n' Red
Black n' Gold
Black n' Silver
Black n' Red (Dennis the menace)
Mosaic Black Blob Fritz
Fl Pink n' Silver
Fl Pink n' Gold
Fl Pink n' Red
White n' Silver
White n' Gold
White n' Red
Mosaic White Blob Fritz

Don't forget to check out my other threads containing my other items, if you want uv or pearl blob fritz just ask - I have plenty of this too.

£2 per packet, free postage for more than 5 packs. Order 10 packs or more and get one free!

Pm to order or email me

Thanks for looking.

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