Seighford Lakes, Stafford

roger h 10

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Nov 30, 2012
South East Kent
I had a great days fishing here just over two years ago. Despite there being a heavy snowfall and gale force winds ,this was the end of April,;) I caught some fantastic fish that were in superb condition and fought really hard.
The best bit was that despite having great difficulty casting in to the wind I was catching on dry fly in Railway lake.

I was very disappointed when I visited a nearby fishery last yearto hear that Seighford had closed their trout lakes due to the amount of poaching that they had suffered.
I have now discovered that this is totally untrue and that they are and always have been open for business.

Whether the misinformation was deliberate or not it has obviously affected Seighford's business as I also heard the same thing from other people in the area.

If you want to catch some truly superb trout at a reasonable cost give Seighford a try, I doubt that you will be disappointed. And don't forget the dries.:thumbs:


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Jun 4, 2014
Newport, Shrops
Great news cheers Roger. I’ve fancied a go there for a while but like you I was under the impression it was no longer an fly venue. I’d heard it had turned into carp only.

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