Shields River Rods 8'0" 4wt. 2 pc.


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Jun 2, 2006
Clyde Park, MT
I have a new 8'0" 4 wt. 2 pice G.Loomis GL3 that I built that I need to sell. This rod is brand new and has never been fished. I built it for myself but I never got around to using it. The rod does not have any name on it, it just says: Shields River Rods
8'0" 4wt. #0012
The beachcomber on it just states that it was a rod in the 4 - 6 wt. range in my building company for records. It is a great rod that should fish reall well. It has beautiful matching components which include a chrome plated brass reel seat with an extra select cocobolo insert. Chrome plated steel wire guides, and an anodized aluminum rod tube. It also comes with a rod bag. I am only asking $280.00 for it plus shipping outside the continental U.S.(free in the continental U.S.) If you have an offer though, I will consider it.

Thanks. Here is a picture~


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