Side caster reels, nutcrackers but no ice cream

Mar 6, 2017
We do love variety! A call to sell tackle had me driving up the M6 to the northwest coast. Warm and scenic with a surprise in store. Passing by the opportunity to indulge in an ice cream on the prom, I arrive at the house.

Initially, the call was about a Farlow line drier and some unusual reels however, as is often the case, it was better than that.

A Malloch Patent side caster with Gibbs lock lever, a weird side caster with extended brass casting eye plus a 5” all brass antique plate wind salmon reel for Scottish or perhaps Norwegian rivers. The obligatory J W Young fly reel plus a few of the usual culprits. An Army and Navy, London alloy plate reel by Malloch was a bonus especially with its fitted block leather case bearing the twin hook logo to the front. A pair of framed gut eye salmon flies with Farlow labels and a Hardy Gifford Smith tackle releaser. My favourite pieces are the wooden fish-shaped nutcracker and the Sail Fish shoe brush? I know, but a little madness always helps!

Don’t be afraid of contacting us with unusual vintage fishing tackle items, we definitely haven’t seen it all and both Dave and I can’t wait to see what is on offer next. You can contact us on or

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