Simple elkhair/cdc fly I created


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Created this one myself. Tied in size 22 here. It swims very well too.

1) tie base wrap and then use a light antron dub to form body
2) after body is finished tie in bit of elk hair
3)pinch hair together and then do a couple horizontal wraps around the hair to form a stem
4) cut off hair
5) clamp one half of a cdc fibre into a clamp or between two plates (i don't have a clamp)
6) cut off at cdc stem and open clamp
7) split thread with dubbing needle and put fibres in there
8) spin bobbin to twist
9)wrap the twisted fibers around the stem, if you want it to float higher you can also make one or two wraps vertically around the hook at the base but most round the stem
10) pull up cdc fibres and tie them up with another 2 wraps around the stem
11)cut off exessive fibre length above the stem and then tie off with whip finish either around the stem or pull thread forward and do regular tie off, both works