Snap links for Pike flies

running bear

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What do you use between trace and pike fly? I generally tie on filling mill pike fly hooks but cannot get a snap that I’m happy with (I’m using authanic wire then I want a snap link to fly). The bend in the Berkley cross loks won’t go round the eye, I tried Seible (excuse spelling) links but can’t even open them at my tying table let alone when on the water. Many other links are either too thick in the wire or lock too tightly in the eye giving the fish leverage. Obviously straight leger style links will pull out with anything other than a jack.


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I stopped using snap-links ages ago now just using knottable wire with a perfection-loop to tie the fly on. Whilst there are probably some good snap-links available, to my mind there big disadvantage is that they encourage you to use the trace when it goes past it's best. Casting a big fly can be pretty arduous on a trace and kinks do appear eventually, weakening it. If you don't use a snap-link then you end up replacing the trace more regularly. Wire isn't expensive and with the new multi-strand stuff the knots are strong and reliable.
My advice would be not to use a snap-link, keep it strong and simple!

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