Softmouth trout - donations via Wild Trout Trust


Staff member
Jun 8, 2009
Brighton, UK
As you know we have been in contact with Wild Trout Trust director Shaun Leonard concerning how best to help fund some research assistance, largely thanks to Paul Gaskell's input in the Softmouth trout thread.

Here is Shaun's very positive reponse below;-

"On behalf of the Wild Trout Trust, I would be delighted to offer whatever help and advice we can on the plight of the Montenegran Soft-Mouth Trout. We stretch our current resources as best we can to tackle habitat works across the British Isles but have been able to advise further afield, for example in Iceland and France, where funds have been gathered locally to cover staff time and expenses. WTT would be really keen to offer a similar arrangement in the Montenegran situation if those vital funds can be gathered."

So, what this means is that if you would like to directly help with providing funds for the WTT to assist then this would be very welcome.

The preferred method of sending donations would be by cheque made payable to the Wild Trout Trust which makes for easy returns in the worst-case scenario.

Please address these to;-

Denise Ashton
The Wild Trout Trust
PO Box 120, Waterlooville PO8 0WZ
Tel/Fax: 023 9257 0985

IMPORTANT - Make sure you include a clear note along with your cheque that the donation is for the Softmouth Trout project.