Spring Hill Trout Waters, Kent


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Dec 27, 2016
I would consider Spring Hill to be my main local trout fishery. I live in Dover and it’s still over an hour away but I still consider it somewhat local to me. I have fished Spring Hill more than any other Fishery over the past 3 or so years. It has one main lake with rainbows and browns as well as three ponds with just brown trout stocked. I have become rather friendly with the owner lee and I feel he certainly is someone who knows his stuff and runs a very healthy Fishery. It’s not a water which has big trout routinely stocked and to be fair 9 out of ten fish pulled out are below three pounds but what you do get are healthy hard fighting fish that feed and behave naturally. I have caught fish here weighing just one and a half pounds which have given me more of a scrap than a six pound brood fish at Dever Springs and they also eat fantastic. Spring Hill fishes best from about November till around may time and in the summer months the main lake becomes very difficult to catch anything apart from Rudd. I have however still caught brown trout from the three brown ponds. I have caught decent browns around four pounds in the winter months but the majority of the browns are around a poundish. If you fancy just fishing for browns it’s well worth bringing your 3-5 weight rod and moving between the three brown ponds. One of the ponds is a bit odd shaped being very shallow in close and the back end is very deep and I would advise a sink tip line to get down to the depths on that lake. My fave time to fish Spring Hill is in the cold winter months you should be fine with a floating lime but a fast sinker could benefit you up the far end of the main lake as it gets very deep and some of the bigger fish lay in the depths. I love Spring Hill and would recommend anyone to give it a go

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