Stenhouse Reservoir 14/10/2020 C&R day session


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Aug 29, 2012
On the water from 10.00 ,wind from the east ,water clarity 5 feet ,overcast only one other boat on the water. There was another stocking added on Tuesday. Started off to the east of the island and worked my way west over the next 2 hours , Did not see one fish break the surface ,started off with a midge tip and changed to Hi Dee 3 .Back to the east end fishing from the reeds and took a nice fish on a cormorant . John Callison has done a good job with the Weed cutter this end was inaccessible 2 months ago . Drifted back to the west end and anchored at the Hawthorn Tree casting to the bank with a midge tip and took a 3 pounder on a black snatcher. I did not touch another fish all day ,no tugs ,no follows they are down deep and not playing our game .

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