Stenhouse Reservoir 24-06-2020 Evening C&R session


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Aug 29, 2012
On the water at 4.30pm Temperature 20C water clarity 6 feet no wind clear sky . Started off at the west end bay in front of the reeds 4 boats on the water and 1 bank angler . flat calm with only the occaisonal fish showing .Fished out to the island and anchored for a while . We move directly across from the pier and anchor with a few fish turning over . I put a daddy on and have a decent pull but do not keep it on ,we are 2 and a half hours in and that is the first piece of encouragement we have had . My partner puts a daddy on and gets a nice fish on at 9.00 pm A rise comes on but they are chasing Cadis and not interested in my flies .my partner hit 2 other fish but loses the after a small struggle. We See a bank angler catch one but do not see the other boats catch any. Beautiful evening to be out but not my night .We come off at 10.00 pm