The Golden Loch and a Swans version of Game of Thrones C&R 4 hour session 11/01/2022


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Aug 29, 2012
On the water by 10.00 another boat with 2 anglers plus 4 bank anglers fishing ,Temp is 7C wind from the south west with a clear sky ,water clarity was 5 feet . I started off in the middle of the loch with the other boat 50 yards behind me . One of the bank anglers said small red flies were getting offers and I got a couple of pulls eventually I moved up to my favourite end at the fence and saw the boat in front take 2 in 10 minutes I took a nice fish on a red bloodworm and had an offer half an hour later I moved nearer the west bank and took a nice fish ,again on the bloodworm . Meanwhile the drama with the local swans was just beginning 2 young visiting swans landed and immediately the resident Cob defended his territorial rights by chasing them round the loch eventually catching the young cob climbing on his back and attempting to push his head under after 45 mins the young swan exhausted lay on the bank as the other plucked feathers out of him . One of the bank anglers shoed the swan away to give the young one a chance to recover . It was interesting seeing nature take its coarse as we tend to look on swans as peaceful beings but we were reminded its a battle of territory and the loch is not big enough for 2 pairs to exist . The young swans flew off after an hour and a half . Its not often we get a front row seat to a battle royal. Enough of this and back to the fishing ,I drifted down the west bank and took a nice fish at 3 pounds and lost another 5 mins later . I came off having had a good day although the fish were slow to come but ended with 3 . The other boat had more than 6 when I came off and the bank anglers had a couple of singles and 2 with 2 fish . The place is fishing well for this time of year . Interrupted by Typhoons coming over the crest of the hill from Leuchars doing training runs chasing each other making us duck as they came by .

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