The Goldenloch with a young apprentice 31st /03/2021 C&R session


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Aug 29, 2012
A wee trip up with 10 year old Frances . On the loch at 10.00 for a 4 hour session . Water clarity 5 feet ,temp 7C no wind .and sunny .
5 boats on the water including us and 2 bank anglers . We fished the centre without an anchor and only needed to adjust our position occasionally.
We fished a sinking tip with a figure of eight retrieve . We saw a couple of fish being caught on lures .but had no luck with them .
Worked our way round the loch and saw fish being caught on buzzers at the top end .Changed to buzzers and immediately got offers . My young partner had a couple of offers which got her quite excited . I took a nice rainbow about 12.30 on a black buzzer and the fish seemed to go down after that .We went off for lunch and back on at 13.15. It turned bitterly cold and we quit at 2.15 . There were only 2 boats left as the conditions had changed . " boats had 4 fish each caught between 11.00 and 12.00 a very small window for rising fish dry flies and black buzzers were the fly of the day

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