The Wandle

South2 West8

Oct 22, 2020
Hi There, wanted to see if anyone here has fished the Wandle in recent times and would have any recommendations or insights?
Looking forward to trying it out in the spring all being well.
Do I have an excuse to buy a new rod or would my 8 1/2 ft 4 weight do the job? Also, I'm assuming waders are a necessity?
Any input much would be much appreciated.
I'm a member of the Facebook group 'The Wandle Piscators' which is a great resource

Jason 70

Well-known member
Jan 3, 2020
The congested SE
Yes, waders are a must IMO, should you buy a new rod? Some areas do need a shorter rod, under tree tunnels etc. When wading please take care as it's not all gravel, some very sticky sand/silt can pop up. Easy to get in the river, not so easy to climb out in some spots. By wading, you can tuck yourself away in the little out of the way places. It's great as it's local for me, but when the coarse season starts I tend to fish it after work or very early on a Saturday morning, but by then I'm ready to fish my club coarse fishing rivers. Plenty of info on Youtube also.