Theft of fishing gear in Fife and beyond


Aug 29, 2012
It bothers me greatly on hearing of the break in and theft of Rods and equipment from John Callisons Newton Fisheries ,this is particularly hard when the fishery is not earning income and is a kick in the teeth for owners who have worked so hard to give us great fishing . In Fife we have had 3 boats stolen from Upper Carriston reservoir ,a break in at Raith Lake with the theft of stock an engines stolen at Carron reservoir. These thefts have cost the owners Thousands of pounds and affecting their livelihood and in these worrying times could be the difference of a fishery reopening or not . It would seem to be that these crooks know their way around these fisheries and seem to be well planned. If you see any suspicious activity you should report it right away these criminals need to be caught .