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Not done by myself but a colleague was fishing a deep pool behind me at night, casting upstream & stripping his flies back & felt 2 solid takes. After a few minutes of playing the fish, it was duly netted & both his point fly & dropper were extracted from a very greedy sea trout.
I had a similar experience myself, on Portmore loch.
Wind was blowing a hoolie and it was very difficult to stay in any kind of contact with my flies, anyway finally got a take and when I got the fish in it had taken the damsel on the tail and also the bibio muddler on the top dropper.
Not sure what it didnt like about the middle dropper!!!
When bring in a rainbow trout the fight seemed to get harder. Eventually as I got it close to the boat I realised a huge pike had grabbed it by its tail and wouldn't let go until it was almost in the net.
Had same experience, but in more exotic climes!
Fly fishing for bone fish, a smallish snapper beat the targeted bone fish to the fly, pulling line back quickly, knowing was a small snapper, a big barracuda came out of nowhere in the shalow water, nailed the snapper, and took off!
Was out about 60 yards when it chewed through the snapper and left me with the head of snapper on hook!
Was quite fun for a while!

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