Using electric outboard to control a drift


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Aug 4, 2020
Hi. I'm off to South Uist again soon. Usually use a gillie but going it alone this time. I want to control my drifts using an electric outboard. Never done this before. Any advice welcome, i.e., where on the boat do I attach the motor, is this a viable means of boat control in the absence of a gillie, does it frighten the fish, can I use it as well as a drogue etc. Thanks

Cap'n Fishy

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Sep 29, 2008
I've used an electric outboard to control the drift of the boat for many years. The Minn Kota and similar are designed for mounting on the transom, though I occasionally see folk with them mounted on the gunwale. However, it's always going to want to turn the boat in a circle when gunwale-mounted. Transom-mounted is not usually a problem for me, as I am nearly always fishing with a boat partner, so I am at the stern, next to the outboard. If you are on your own, you may find you need to sit centrally in order to get the boat to drift straight, which means getting up and going to the stern every time you want to adjust the drift.

I don't think they frighten the fish any more than oars, and less than a petrol o/b, but common sense says don't drive full speed straight into an area of calm where fish are rising. You'll put them down, no matter what your means of propulsion.

We often put both a petrol and a leccy on the boat -- petrol to get us up the water, and leccy to ghillie us on the drift...



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