Vancouver / Abbotsford British Columbia in early October


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Mar 9, 2013
Can anyone give me some advice or leads? I am due to visit Vancouver and Abbotsford for a few days in early October and was hoping to fit in a little fishing. I am a little out of practice but used to do a fair amount of fishing for river trout and would just love to have a fantastic experience of fishing in BC. Ideas, locations and guided day trips would be great!


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Jan 6, 2015
Other side of the Channel

In the Vancouver area I only know salmon can be caught in aug/sep/okt at the Fraser river. I don't know if there is trout to catch because it's a big river. I should expect there is some steelhead in. I would consider Salmon anyway if I stayed in this region.
If your mobile and can use a car in 1hr 45 min distance there is a place called Hope and I've fished the Coquihalla river there for nice trout and sometimes they also catch steelhead in this river. This is a real lovely river and much smaller and clearer then the Fraser.

If you google for guided flyfishing in Vancouver you will find results for Trout but guided fishing in Canada is not the cheapest methode. If you only have a few day's it is the most certain way to catch but I cannot look in your wallet.

Don't forget to get your E-licence, you can do this on the web per day, week and year if you want.

Greetz Ochi.
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