When the fly lands.


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Mar 12, 2017
I find When fishing from a drifting boat just let the fly sit on the water and keep in contacted with it. Then when the fly reaches the boat I just lift the rod quickly then pause for a split second before recasting. I've had many fish doing that. If fishing from the bank in a good breeze I'll use a very slow retrieve to stop getting a big bow in the line. On calm water just look at what the the flies are doing if they are sitting still on the water and fish are taking them then do the same. At the end of the day the fish will let you know if you've got it right. Last knight I was up on my local stockie pools. as the sun set fish were rising allover the pool. so I put my fly out on the water and let it sit there and fish would look at it and nudge it but wouldn't take it. But as soon as I gave it a tiny tweak just enough to make a slight disturbance on the water wallop fish. Next out time could be the other way round. That's part of the magic and the frustration of fishing, finding out what the fish want
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