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Mar 12, 2008
London, Sydenham Hill
I was on the Test at the Wherwell estate on a corporate day. We had beat 4, beat 10 and the lake. It was a cold clear day so not the ideal conditions but the lake was ridiculously easy ..... one of the guys was an Irish loch fisher, a good one, and caught (and released) 40 fish (I don't think Robbie the keeper would be pleased if he heard that). I pulled out 10 and I even switched to dry fly to get some sport..

I have been to Wherwell on a number of occasions Grayling fishing and have caught on dry and nymph and it is a truly wonderful place to be. For £35 you get to roam the whole fishery (except the main river) and it is a bargain if you get a good day. £180 for a single beat on the carriers, seems a little .............. unappealing. Some of the beats (if you know them) are little more than a couple of drains. Saying that, get the right beat like 10 and 11 and the one down by the bridge with the thatched cottages and you have a beautiful venue. Just be very very careful of the beat you pay £180+ for, if you want to spend that kind of money.

There were a few Olives were coming off and the occasional hawthorn. In the morning there were no rises, later in the day there were one or two rising fish, but by evening it was dead. Managed to bag 6 fish though. On the day I saw one mayfly come off ........... an early starter ......... and to my amazement a trout rose and took it on the second attempt.

A change of fly and six casts later this lovely fish was on the bank (returned)

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