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Aug 5, 2019
Paignton Devon
Having fished Hawkridge and Clatworthy several times this season we decided to branch out and give a new venue a go . I remembered a conversation ide had with the then new operator at Wimbleball at the Bristol fly fair way back in November of 2018 . Ide promised to support the venue so here was an oppotunity to carry through .
Wimbleball is a big water and as we approached by road the usual thoughts of where do you start here come to mind . In our case it was determined by the wind . A stiff nor easterly breeze found us fishing an area according to the map at the lodge called " Ruggs " . Its an area of nice level bank close to the road bridge .
We had read some of the return cards which didnt give us many clues as to flies , as it seems Wimbleball trout will have a go at anything . So on went a blue flash damsel , and my mate tried an unweighted olive and floro green fritz Montana . The water was absolutely gin clear and the views up the reservoir looking towards Exmoor were fabulous . No more than five minutes in and my mate calls "im in" at which point a massive rainbow exits the water and takes him right to the backing in the first run . The fish turns and all goes slack . Its gone ! . Both gutted we fished on , and gradually i start working my way through my fly box . My mate by this time had landed two very nice rainbows , both to the little green fritz Montana . Then my traditional Cats whisker ( fly number 7 or 8 at least ! ) gets smashed . The fish goes airbourn and right back to the backing again , a good fish ! . After a great fight i net a solid 5lb rainbow .
About time . The Cats goes on to catch two more solid fish of 3lb plus that fight way above their weight , when my may mate shouts fish on !
As i turn round another monster Rainbow jumps clear of the water and heads for Exmoor . Bloody hell two very big fish in one day , drop a big fish and you rarely get another chance . Spawney git !
Stewart eventually gets fly line back on the reel and gradually wears the fish down . The net goes under and we have the prize . Another victim of the Olive Montana .The fish pulls the scales down to 8lb on the knocker !! . A quick trophy photo and back into the gin clear water to fight another day .
Back up to the lodge and we bump into the owner and have a chat , a great guy who is running a very nice venue indeed .
So in conclusion will we be back ? absolutely !! . The surroundings are superb , the water is as good as you will find anywhere in the country , and the fighting quality of these full fined rainbows is superb . £25 quid for a five fish ticket , money very well spent in my opinion !!
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