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Jun 20, 2007
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04-07-2018 03:19 PM

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[h=2]Women who fish with the fly[/h]In the last eighteen months I have had a steady increase in ladies contacting me for lessons from total beginners, improvers and a couple of ladies even wanting to become instructors.

I don’t know why this has suddenly happened, but I must say all the women I have taught have been a pleasure to work with. They have all given one hundred percent concentration and I very rarely have to slow them down and ask them to ease up on the power like I do with male students.

This may be a generalisation but its my observation that women seem to have a more relaxed manner about them, they don’t force the cast as much as males do. Some of my lady clients have now become very accomplished casters. I have a couple of ladies who have lessons on a regular basis, usually just before a destination fishing trip to brush up. They have recently had a series of lessons with micro skagit and switch rod set ups prior to a very successful trip to Iceland.

I think their next trip is to Russia later this year. I look forward to seeing them again prior to that trip.

This year I also mentored Marina Gibson through her exam to become a qualified instructor.

She is one of a few of women who have travelled up from London to have private one to one lessons. That’s commitment.

Susan Skrupa I feel has the right attitude to become very good. Her thirst to learn is very impressive and she improved immensely on her first lesson.

I look forward to watching her progress on future lessons.
It's fantastic for the sport to have this influx of passionate lady anglers.

It is imperative that any women wanting to take up the sport should get some professional instruction, otherwise, like so many men, you will struggle and probably fall away from this magnificent sport.
For any women interested in fly fishing lessons please use our Find An Instructor tool below to get in touch with your local GAIA instructor who can book you in for lessons and offer advice on equipment etc. Why not give them a call and have a chat about your requirements.
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