Wynchwood river and stream fly reel, drag not working.


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Feb 17, 2019
I have one of these reels, in the 2 weight category, I have always had a problem with the clicka drag system.
It has never really worked properly. It is just a small plastic pin that rubs against the centre cog of the reel to create resistance to make the drag work.
It wears out rather quickly, and you land up without drag, not even enough to keep the line on the reel as you walk along. And it can be annoying when fishing.
I have tried fixing it, using various methods, as I cant find spares, which incendently would be no better that what I already have.
Using things like bug bond and shrink wrap, it works for a shot time, but quickly wears out.
Do any of you have a reel like this, do you have the same problem and have you managed to sort it out?