Ye Olde Enigma EM-G Rods.


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Alwyn, that's simply fantastic, thank you, and please thank Mr. Jones for me. It's invaluable to have information like this from the very people involved.

The ads had implied that the JJSS preceded the non-sw 10 ft #8 but a late T&S review says directly that the EMG series is "built on Japanese blanks'' so the early introduction of Chinese blanks is a revelation.
I thought I'd noticed that JJ's name had ceased to be associated with the sw 10 ft #8 but I wasn't certain - I've been using a magnifying glass to view the decals on the tiny photos in the mags!

JJ wrote "Mine came first on the original daimaru Japanese blanks, were zone stiffened to handle 2 large flies". Is there a word missing here? Mid-zone, maybe, from the next sentence?

I looked through another year of T&S today but found only one tackle test with an 'old' EMG, despite the EMGIII being available. No ads whatsoever. I guess I'll have to check the TFs and one or two Stillwater Fisherman mags I have, see if they were focusing more on reservoir angling.

Thanks again, Alwyn, it's much appreciated, to both of you.

Tight lines direct started life when rob and simon (directors) bought out dyfed rod and gun from a guy called tim in ammanford (wind st) , they where very forward thinking and wanted to introduce many new ideas in the new expanding world of the internet.
I used to be a customer at DRG and then a customer at TLD, getting to know then becoming friends with the boys there.
Id known omri thomas a while at this point, I'd already had many telephone conversations with him in what i wanted from a seatrout blank, he eventually sent me two through exeter angling center and i built them up myself. These turned out to be amazing rods and after a few seasons of use i introduced the boys to omri and the carbotec blanks and the enigma (not my name lol) was born.
Original production (rod building) was set up upstairs in their shop in ammanford and the blanks were built on by local rod builders.
This continued up until TLD was bought out by airflo bvg but the name Tightlines direct remained a seperate entity on the internet (even though wholly owned by bvg) as a more upmarket brand.
Very little of the early days of tld remains save from the directors, sightfree and tld boat seats, even the shop in wind st closed many moons ago.


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My wife bought me the JJ Sea Trout Special for my 50th birthday . . . a very special woman! I've been and looked at the rod, probably for the first time for 15 years! I can only echo the comments of others, a truly great rod and very able to handle an impressive range of lines. I used mine on the Teifi mostly, and caught not only sewin but also a number of salmon using it. I also used it as a sinking line rod on the reservoirs.

One of these days, when it stops raining and blowing a gale, I'll take it up to the village playing field for a memorial chuck . . .Enigma.jpg