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Nov 30, 2009
“Goldenloch” Fishing Report 2020


Phone; 01337840355, or 07968006367

Secchi-1.2 metres + Temperature 3.2 degrees - Oxygen is High

“The Goldenloch”


Now it’s the last week of 2020, being honest its not been that bad a year, fishing wise, the actual fishing was amazing, dry flies etc, just a bit strange with regulations and with Lockdown 1, and now this new Virus etc, being a small Stillwater, the regulars you get used to them being here, now its winter, so no Sandy (Band), no John (Bashford), no Sandy (Drummond), no Matt Donaldson, no Ian Wallace, nor Eck Wannan and Sandy Smith, the list goes on Grant Mc Gregor, George Fisher, B Mitchell, A Cuthbert and A Morgan, Drew Graham always a gent, George Duff just loves his me time break, Derek Robertson AND Brian Stewart, I really hope yous are all well, others occasionally turn up, Neil Christie, Brian [Kapt] Kemp, Rod Thaw, Mike Farrell, Billy Moyles, Jamie and Paul Kennedy and then we have the real hardy angers, Gavin Harald, who like a lion tamer spends hours teaching fish too ignore flies and lures, Eddie Henderson, never in a hurry, Willie Watson loves the Wildlife, Les Mitchell spots and sees everything, Summer anglers Brian Imrie, D Lees, S Gunn, Mark Beaumont, Jim Anderson, Stevie Fyfe, Keith Duncan, Kirk Cockburn ,Colin Hay, Last of the Summer wine George Dewar, Jim Love, Colin Dow, Ali Sweinwright, I am sure many more I have missed, like Dave Wilson, {Grumpy} clarity now is back to near perfect, lots of fish can be seen moving about, however with them not being stockies now (totally acclimatised to the conditions) anglers have to figure out how to catch them, which is causing some brain teasing, but some are getting it right, Arthur Rowland fishing with his brother Andrew had 9 between them, using would you believe, small black midge flies on the surface, it was flat calm and they had a great day, albeit a short day, as the conditions only lasted for a couple of hours, Les Cowan fishing with Neil Caird, had a similar type of day with 11 to the boat, this year in the last few weeks, as a way of saying thank you, some 20 > 30 lads have all had a free days fishing, our gift to you for your support, its been a lot of fun this past year, looking forward to the incoming season things are already going to change, hopefully our new Kabin will be up and running soon, heated, plus hot mains water, changing room, cooking facilities, the advantages here are good in that it means that after wet or cold days there will be somewhere comfortable to go to, this week I have had a good conversation with our fish suppliers and look for an excellent reliable supply of top quality fish for 2120. If the weather remains mild a stocking will be called for in January just to stir things up, so a reset on the Calendar next weeks report will be on January 3.

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