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Thread: Nidd Gorge

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    That's cool Seadog and god to hear.

    There's also Knarbourgh Piscorials, although i have no experience of there waters, don't know if they are nice runs and pools or just canal water.

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    I see that the Angling Trust & Fish legal currently have on auction a guided day fishing on the AJS water if you want to try it out. I always find it a good idea to have someone guide you on any new water, saves a lot of time sussing out the water yourself.

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    Does anybody fish the leeds amalgamation water on the nidd, above ramsgill? Or know if it's decent fly water?
    I had a walk below glasshouses today on the nidderdale water which is nice, was going to have a walk above pateley bridge but had the dogs with me and didn't want to mess about parking.

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    I haven't fished the Leeds stretch but I have fished the Bradford No1 stretch, which shares the opposite bank in parts and runs downstream closer to Ramsgill. I only ever caught a few small trout on nymph. It is a classic small, freestone stream fishery with lost of rocky shallows and the odd deeper section. As a kid (50 years ago!) I used to fish in Howstean Gorge, but that was before it was turned into a water park. Caught some lovely trout there in the deep pools. Bradford No1 also has a small stretch at Summerbridge which I haven't fished.

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    Thanks for the info

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    This thread inspired me.

    I drove a 7 hour round trip to go and fish with my dad on the Hampswaite stretch of the Nidd.

    Nidd Gorge-20190122_160432-1-jpg

    It was well worth it. Three Grayling and one OOS Brown.

    More than that though, I had forgotten what a beautiful river it is.

    Nidd Gorge-20190120_102157-1-jpg

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    You got a fish, nice one! i'm going to try my hand on the free stretch again this weekend I think..... its not quite a 7 hour drive for me though!

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