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    Default Re: Tom Ivens - What was his legacy?

    Quote Originally Posted by BobP View Post
    You wouldn't. Others more thoughtful do.

    No-one that I know of suggests that Ivens "discovered" the layers in the water and how wind action affected them. THAT was established scientific fact long before Ivens wrote his book. Dick Walker wrote about as well and I expect you'll rubbish him too as you do everyone except yourself.

    As far as the flies go, no-one uses the B & P Spider anymore? Shows how much you know because I do from time to time.

    I have never been to Glyncorrwg Ponds so don't know what they are like or what their stocking policy is. BUT back in the early 1970's a 4lb fish was a big trout and Two Lakes was certainly not a stocky puddle. I have at least been there, seen it and spoken to Alex.

    I consider you to be an arrogant know-all with nothing useful to add to this forum whatsoever.
    There is absolutely no need for that insulting reaction. Not once have i set myself up as an expert who knows it all. I have merely expressed an opinion. The nature of your response confirms what i have said for years, you can phone mike tyson and call him a pussy. I doubt that you would have the nerve to speak to anyone face to face in that manner. You are empowered by the remoteness of your keyboard and as such you are a coward.
    Two Lakes was exactly that. An overstocked venue where angling correspondents went to boulster their reputations. A 4lb fish still is a big fish , unheard of then in these parts. A testament to selective breeding and a precursor to Avington, Dever Springs etc where people like you go to convince youself, and only yourself, that you are a good angler by catching the dumbest of dumb stockies on your stalking bugs. Shooting fish in a barrel.
    You should have noticed that i didnt rubbish Goddard. Neither would i rubbish Sawyer or Kite. Therefore i do not rubbish everyone. Walker was obviously a technical man who contributed much to tackle design but when he included a deer hair imitation pellet fly and instructed his readers to splash it down on the surface his reputation was tarnished, as it was by his capture of a record rainbow and the furore that followed. As a matter of fact that sums up that type of small water fishing and the people that practice it perfectly.
    You are a bigot who reacts angrily to anything that challenges your blinkered, spoon fed view of the world. I would like to respond in terms that would be easy for you to digest but my superior intelligence and education prevents me

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    Default Re: Tom Ivens - What was his legacy?

    I think he needs something stronger than Naproxen and i hope he takes plenty of them

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    Default Re: Tom Ivens - What was his legacy?

    Getting back to the original question, his book was essential reading in the 70s when I started, and the Black and Peacock spider is a very good fly. I learned to catch trout on Fewston Reservoir using a B&P spider, a local explained it was best fished slowly and was my introduction to spider and nymph fishing.

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