Brown trout thread, Grayling thread and Dry fly on Freestone river thread. Covered the lot today.
The river didn't fish aswell as I was expecting, then there were 3 of us fishing today. I had to go to plan B as put the other 2 guys in best water.
Started with duo as conditions were tough, low water, bright sun most of the time and very blowy.
Due to traffic we didn't start until later on, later than usual, 11:35 when I made my first cast.
Spotted a fish leap out of the water quite a bit up from me, took my time but took note of where it came out. No fly life to note.
Before I got to the spot, I had a take and a good brown on the nymph:
New 2018 Brown trout thread.-ooops-18-9-2018-jpg Too late came the cry.

Here it is:
New 2018 Brown trout thread.-sunny-18-9-2018-jpg

Only fish of the morning, nothing from where I saw the leaper.

After lunch trekked to the top of this section of river, almost plan A. Stuck with duo to fish a good pool, had this brownie:
New 2018 Brown trout thread.-3-18-9-2018-jpg
Followed this by losing 2 good fish, the last being a real heavy weight. Managed a small brown before going to full plan A.
So far all fish on the nymph, switched to dry only.

See grayling thread and Dry Fly On Freestone River thread.