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    Default Re: Modified 3-Turn Water Knot (a/k/a Surgeon's Knot) for Droppers???

    Quote Originally Posted by bgooch View Post
    Note: I posted this question in the "Knots" forum, but it doesn't receive much traffic. So, my apology, but I'm posting it here too, as I really hope someone can provide an answer.

    In the newest Airflo Stillwater video with Gareth Jones and Ian Barr, Gareth says he uses a 3 Turn Water Knot to tie his droppers, but he modifies it by doing something different with the final turn. He says this modification gives the knot a smoother profile and that, in his testing, it is also stronger.

    In the video, he says he'll provide a close up instruction, but either they didn't get to it in the filming, or it got edited out of the video.

    Anyone know what this knot is? If so, can you describe how to do it for me?

    Much appreciated.

    Thank you.


    You may be thinking of the J knot - it's much smoother than the standard 3 turn and is particularly good I find with stroft which I found to be knot-fussy. It's tied on a similar basis to the double davy.



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    Default Re: Modified 3-Turn Water Knot (a/k/a Surgeon's Knot) for Droppers???

    using those instructions I could do that standing on my head, and I had to, easker1

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