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    Went fishing yesterday, could't decide where to go and didn't know right up until i got to the end of my road where i decided it was gonna be the Nidd. Weather was fantastic nice and warm with a slight breeze upstream.
    Car park was busy when i arrived, normally have place to myself but hey ho, made my way downstream fishing the Duo (i've decided to try other forms of fishing this year as opposed to just dry fly) was catching steady without setting the world on fire, a mixture of Browns and Grayling. On way down it was apparent the pools with the sockies in, they were rising like troopers, i avoided these, just not my bag.

    Once at the bottom i switched to a dry fly and made my way up, the fly i used was one i used when i first started trout fishing years ago and is a more traditional fly, and boy did the trout like it (note to self use this fly more often) i was just slowly walking upstream looking for rises here and there and dropping in on them and caught a good few.
    Fish highlights were a trout rising which was hardly visible, just sucking at surface, scrambled through bushes and bang caught him a wild brown about a pound and a half.

    Other highlights, my first swallows, ducklings, dear and being in Nidderdale.

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    Great day yesterday on the Derbyshire Derwent with Danny in the sunshine and it made a nice change not to wearing my woolly hat and thermals.

    Caught some big OOS grayling and brown trout on the French Leader in the morning and a good opportunity to blow the cobwebs from my dry fly set up in the afternoon, interspersed with a leisurely lunch at the fishing hut.

    I rarely use the fishing huts but it seemed appropriate to eat lunch on a proper table and chairs whilst watching fish rising on the river and birds singing in the trees. It certainly makes a difference from eating amongst the detritus of an urban river.

    Really happy with the dry fly sport after lunch and after missing the first 3 takes due to ring rust, managed to catch a few targeted rising fish in a long flat pool.

    Pleased with my new Hanak Superb 9’9 2 weight both on the FL and dry fly, handled everything well. Fished a 15’ leader and a size 15 olive cdc pattern.

    Great company and good fishing, the perfect combination.....we’ll be back. Try not to eat all your sandwiches before we reach the hut next time Danny.

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