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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Christened my new nymphing rd last night on my first stab at tight line nymphing

    River fishing for brown trout 2019-trout-jpg
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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    A very nicely marked fish

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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by rough diamond View Post
    Yes Conan its good to see all the posts mate , are we still on for August , ankle should be ok by then .
    Yeah Danny that would be brilliant. I'll get a date to you at some point this week if that's okay ?

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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    A few more pictures here from yesterday evening.

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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Fished for four hours today, good result, 7 fish. Most around the 10 - 12'' mark with the biggest a cracker at just over 14''

    Today was overcast, with the temperature not rising much above 11 degrees. It was also breezy which made it really quite cold. I should have stuck a jumper on. Anyway, a lack of fly life today, and nothing breaking the surface.

    Fished a searching dry fly (a meaty morsel) which brought them up. Only caught one in the first hour and a half, so I thought it was going to be tough, but like trout do, they suddenly came on the take.

    The stretch was fished today, by me, myself and I (as usual). Brilliant, couldn't ask for more.

    Four of the fish were caught in places that I had never caught a fish before, which reminded me that I need to try new stretches. It's strange, once you catch a fish in a particular spot, you always cast a fly over that bit on future visits. All to do with confidence that the fish are there I suppose!

    Although there was a continual stiff breeze throughout my session, at least it was blowing in the right direction (upstream) which made me look like a half decent caster!

    Some pics to follow.


    First and best of the day. There was no mistaking this confident rise, its whole head and shoulder poked through the surface.

    Trout have a major edge over other species of fish, because of there wide and diverse colouration. Fantastic fish.

    Why is it that some fish are relatively slim, while others are like Billy Bunter, caught from the same stretch on the same day. Perhaps some fish are just greedier than others!

    Ragged Robin - One of my favourite wild flowers at this time of year.

    My new Barrio line. Great value.

    I wouldn't cross this field with waders - I'd change to my running shoes. Now, before you think I am quite brave, I'll tell you that this photo was taken from the other side of the fence on full zoom!

    Back to fight another day, if I'm lucky.

    Apologies for poor pics, I had a mark on my lens which I should have checked. Annoying.
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