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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Looks like you had a good day Andy.
    Would have liked to join you on forthcoming Dee trip but HRH has ruled that I will be in a sunny country eating foreign food.
    Out on the Dee today, see below.


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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Out on the river today on what will be my last trout -targetting trip of the season.
    Also today was a first - forecast slightly cooler than recent, so on went the tee shirt and long johns.
    Decided to go to a stretch I know fairly well. Set up one rod with a spider rig and one with a dry. Started catching fairly quickly on the spiders, many small fish and also many parr which seemed a little bigger than last trip, obviously feeding well and growing, not sure at what stage they are not parr but become fish. Presumably they are at teenage stage.
    Noticed that by far the most attractive spider was orange and partridge, followed by naturalistics, hare's ear and stripped quill. Black - which has done very well through the season - no interest whatsoever.
    Moved upstream to another stretch which is usually OK. Not a single fish, did swing a nymph on the point, just a pull, nothing for a while so another move upstream.
    A stretch that always does well, with browns and very good grayling. Put a pair of nymphs on, but as here have to cross 20-30 feet of slack water to reach gravel beds, found that after 15ft the water was higher than waist, up to chest,with strong current, so decided not to proceed further. Put spider rig back on as could cast over the slack water: some good grayling straight away, pleased to be taking them off the top, with no small fish or parr. Orange and partridge doing well again. Worked maybe 100 yards downstream, decided it was far enough and time for a quick snack. Whilst eating butty, could not decide whether to stay here or go back towards the car park. Decided to have another go here, so back in the water, first cast was a lovely brown, one of my best of the season, on hare's ear spider. Worked back down the stretch, as it shallowed slightly thought I could then try nymphs but stuck to spiders.
    Spent the last hour back at the first stretch, less productive that before, had a session with dries but not very successful now, no fish showing or moving, plucks and swirls less positive.
    So, the last trout trip, happy with the result.

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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    My last trip on my trout only stretch was a big disappointment, didn't get up there until early afternoon and walked over a mile to the bottom of the limit, didn't see anyone else on so that was encouraging and when setting up the was a small fish topping across the river, stated on spiders and worked up to the fish but as soon as my spiders went above it it was gone and didn't top again , at the top of this bit I had a dink on the line but didn't feel anything, that was about as exciting as it got for a couple of hours, the water was tap water clear though a decent level, pools and runs where I would generally get a fish or two seemed devoid of fish a bit like early season, my first fish took me by surprise, it was in a stretch where it's short range fishing and casting every 2-3 seconds, nothing was happening then as I lifted to cast again a fish was on, 6oz or so, nothing again for a good while before getting a small one that came off at the surface, low braches making it difficult to keep a tight line, one other fish near the top of the stretch 10-12oz was the total for me, a lot of walking and casting for not much return.
    It's been the poorest season on this strech since I joined the club, the floods of a couple of months ago have changed alot of the river, a lot of pebbles are now at the sides making the banks steeper, more bedrock areas, some of these had previously been covered by pebbles, grit and sand but now just barren, I'll just have to see what the winter does for the stretch, I always thought this bit of river was worth the PA subs on it's own but not this year.

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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    No worries Peter, its a shame as its been fishing really really well of late but well save you a few.

    Enjoy the holiday and hopefully see you out and about again shortly.


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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Enjoyed my first session today after a few weeks of hassle moving house.

    It was just so good to get out into the countryside on my own. This may be my final throw for this year, but who knows.

    It was sunny, not too warm and the water was at a reasonable height. Didn't expect too much, but ended up with three fish, two of which were modest size (around the 9'') mark and a cracker at 13'' . The two smaller fish were decidedly fat and must have been feeding well.

    Missed another three or four rises, so the fish were still looking up.
    It was a good day.

    Some pics.


    Best of the day. Taken on my third cast. Thought I was in for a successful day, but the opposite always seems to happen when you catch a fish on your first few casts.

    Same fish.

    upload and share your pics

    Beautiful stream Beautiful day


    The smaller ones were fat!
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    Default Re: River fishing for brown trout 2019

    A bit reluctantly I ventured out today (on my own had the river to myself ).
    Fished the upper section trout only. 7ft #3 and fished duo, CDC dry and grey nymph with 2.5mm natural tungsten bead, both size 18.
    Due to a low sun, it was dark and I couldn't see the dry too well but the fish did. Soon into a few small ones on the dry. Missed a few offers to the nymph as couldn't see any reaction on the dry. Once into more open water and sun getting higher, things picked up and I got a bit warmer.
    Fishing was slow going, or I was going slower. Nothing of any real size and most wanted to do acrobatics, a few tangles to sort. When I stopped for lunch I had managed 17 with best about 9 inch and most going for dry. I did a bit of bank and pool tidying then set to again. Unfortunately the afternoon definitely fished slower. Fish an hour for just 2 small fish but did lose and miss a few offers, I was now getting the sun's reflection of the water, had a gusty down stream breeze in sections and fishing was tight due to vegetation (so far no great falls of leaves or such). Then I had a burst, best fish on the day on the nymph going 12 inch soon followed by a second at 10 inch. Finished off with a few more mainly to the nymph that were a bit bigger than the average of this morning. I ended with 26.

    On a big plus my little grey nymph (quite drab) is very bright. With sun's angle and clear water I could see the reflected light from the sun coming of the nymph and when lifted out of the water it certainly looked as though in was in a bubble. The thorax has a little flash in the dubbing then squirrel fur in split thread just behind the bead.
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