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    Default Fishing in Wales

    Trout from the Towy (Twyi for my Welsh friends) caught on Monday last, means I have caught ‘salmo truta’ from rivers in every County in the ‘Land of My Fathers’, and what fun I have had, so thanks to all I have met, have steered and guided me to where I could, and I have fished with.
    Fishing in Wales remains so special, and whilst there are many problems which have been, and are now chronicled with more and deserved intensity, I plan
    to be a part of a move to encourage more anglers to visit Wales and experience what I have, and more.

    CARMARTHENSHIRE | Land of my Fathers – afishermansjourney

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonymair View Post
    Trout from the Towy (Twyi for my Welsh friends)
    That’ll be Tywi then

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    Many congratulations: a really rewarding quest, and a thoroughly enjoyable blog.
    Thank you

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    A very good blog, yes we are fortunate in Wales with the waters we have.
    There is a fine line between the angler and madness

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    Tony, you now need to fish all the lakes in Wales - Frank Ward's 1931 book could do with an update!
    There is a local saying, referring to salmon and sea trout rivers, that these will not fish well "until the bracken is tall enough to hide your bicycle"

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    Whoops....sorry about that!

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    Thank you All, for your supportive comments

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    Hi Tony

    Long time. Looks like you have been busy. Congrats on seeing off Wales. Where to next?

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