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    Default Winchester Itchen

    Heading down to the itchen at winchester this weekend as I've heard it's free through the town and holds good head of fish. Any tips advice reccomendations etc would be much appreciated.



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    Default Re: Winchester Itchen

    I used to live in Winchester but a long time ago. You used to be able to fish from below the water mill (now flats) back up to the bridge near the statue, bottom of town. You then had to walk across the road to continue and up into Winnall Park where you could fish up through the park as far as a private fishing sign.

    Hopefully someone local will come along with some more up to date info. Good luck.
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    Default Re: Winchester Itchen

    I genuinely can't remember what is and what isn't - the lovely manicured grounds of the uni definitely aren't although I know plenty of people that fished and waded through it without challenge! Small bead heads like GRHE and PTN's seem to be most successful.

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    I fished the upper section as described above. I was working in the area so in the evening I spent an hour fishing.

    I caught a single wbt. They're not very easily spooked as so many people walking up and down the river. You will probably get pestered quite a lot by passers by, I did. From my recollection there are quite a few trees; I just fished from the bank and did not wade.

    Good fun though.

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    Default Re: Winchester Itchen

    go on the Itchen Navigation bit, you can even wade

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