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    If its been a tough day on the Scottish rivers id never dream of walking away until last knockings. The final 15-30 minutes before dark have saved more blanks than I care to remember and some good fish amongst them too.

    Id also have to agree with others that from now onwards in the season the fish can switch on or off faster than you can blink at almost any point in the day.


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    Have to agree with previous comments especially knowing the Clyde & Lanarkshire Avon as I do, they can feed one moment & switch off totally the next but never have I left the river before the darkness starts to take hold as I have often hooked fish as the light is dropping which has saved a blank, especially on hard fished parts of the Clyde.
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    I have been fishing the lanarkshire avon on off for many years.Only really started targeting grayling about 10 years ago in winter.I have always found grayling very active from mid august - about guy fox night.I then find with far less fly activity it can be more hit or miss.Think the fish can be more active in the clyde valley after this.Well from what i gather from facebook reports.(probably more fly life)Just started fishing the Clyde this year though.It's got some lovely fish i must say.

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