Last Saturday (the 13th April) I had another bash at the Leicester wild trout stocks.
I thought the upper soar might be carrying a touch of water as there had been some rain during the week. It wasn't! It was like everywhere running very clear, slow and low - more like early autumn after a particularly hot dry summer.

I'd also forgotten my waders to make things worse so my short rod approach as ditched for a long rod to try and help me keep my distance.

The fishing was hard with fish only to be found in the deepest pools, fastest riffles (not many on the upper Soar!) or under log jams.

I managed 4 browns and a small out of season chub in about an hour and a half.
Two of the browns (12 oz each) coming from where a drain enters the river and the Soar resembles a northern fast flowing stream - shame it is the only such spot.

I decided on a move downstream to where I'd caught on my last attempt as the bank is easier there for my waderless fumblings.

It was far easier - the water is more open with a nice solid bank but still stealth was the order of the day.
Here I added 7 more browns and two more chub.

The biggest trout was maybe 1lb 12oz but was super skinny. In top condition it would have been a two and half...maybe later in the year. ;-)

The most pleasing thing was the amount of coarse fish I spotted.

More chub, dace and roach than I've seen anywhere on the upper Soar. I'll be trying for them after June 15th and this might just be a good winter silver fish venue too. Fingers crossed.

Another session and another haul of brownies. This time 11 all to a small red head taddy (again!) and against the conditions - no waders, no water, bright and blowing a hoolie. Can't wait for everything to be "right".