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Thread: River derwent

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    has anybody been out on the derwent lately how is it fishing ?

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    Went last week in the evening for a couple of hours up above Allensford. Fishing was pretty much as expected and similar to other years. Plenty of small fish about, caught 10 smallish fish all wbt on the dry.

    Going to try further down tomorrow night, hope to connect with a lady or three..


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    Trout-wise, the middle reached of the river seem to vary depending on the days that the reservoir compensation is coming in. This year, it’s been a godsend, when you look at the state of a lot of other rivers. However, it still cools the water temperature down, which doesn’t help on those particular days, and having mostly been sent from Kielder via the N. Tyne>Riding Mill Pumping Stn>Pipeline to Mosswood (rather than from Derwent Res), it’s usually low in oxygen content too, which will knock things back further. If the river has a fair bit of colour in it but there hasn’t been any rain for the last 24h -plus the water is unusually cold on a warm day- it’s probably compensation water.

    There were a few grayling in the 1lb-ish stamp about at Ebchester and Lintzford at the start of this trout season, which promptly vanished with the onset of spawning. This time last year, the grayling in those places started to reappear, rejuvenated after the spring.

    The ones I caught earlier this year looked to be from the year class of fish that were stocked by the EA at various sites on the river in 2014, and were that bit bigger than all the ones I caught last year. It would be interesting to see whether the large numbers of ‘unhookable dimple risers’ seen on the river in recent late summers reappear, as this would show that the 2014 stockies have successfully recruited and a new year class is present. I don’t think there’ve been any subsequent grayling restockings. There’s certainly a good year class of small trout this year, and large shoals of last winter’s fry showing in the shallow margins.

    For those that are in both clubs or just that one, further downstream on Axwell Park’s beats in recent seasons, there’ve always been a few better-sized grayling caught, although it’s still quite cyclical as to the years in which the 2lb-ers show.


    When the Float Comes In: A Year’s Fishing on River, Lake & Sea in North East England

    The Lambton Worm: The Definitive Guide to Angling in North East England

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