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Thread: Teifi Pollution

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    Which river is this Eddie?
    Musha rig um du rum da

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobP View Post
    When I was in the EA I had to listen to and read all sorts of ill-informed and frankly boneheaded rubbish from people who had nothing better to do with their lives than slag off those who were then and still are doing their best. When we read the sort of things that you and others above wrote about us it really helped our morale didn't it? Made us all the more keen to help those who were bent on insulting us, didn't it? Of course back then we as individual fisheries people had no right of reply. We just had to sit there like tethered goats while the gutless ripped into us. Nowadays things are different and I can cheerfully call an ignorant pillock of an angler just that and enjoy doing it.

    I spent an hour this morning when I should have been doing something more constructive going through an EA Annual Fisheries Report, but as that bears absolutely no relationship to your picture of doom and misery you'll certainly not be bothered about even looking at it much less reading any of it. Unless it fits in with your pre-conceived convictions it'll only be spin and lies.

    I wrote one of those for my Region several years ago and to be accused later of that sort of thing is downright insulting. Basically, if you lot think the EA or NRW are so poor and useless then get off your bone idle ar*ses and show how it should be done. I'm sure all the fisheries teams up and down the country will be agog at your expertise.
    Just more of the same. If you read my reply you would have seen that I did get off my bone idle ar*se. I was in there doing practical work for no pay alongside EA staff. I had no problem with the EA staff I met on the ground and those same staff shared my view of the management and ideas coming from the office in Exeter. From what I see and read most other areas of the EA or NRW appear to be held in the same regard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejw View Post
    As per BobP above 20+ years ago we as a club did just this, as we could not rely on others, we knew our river better than anyone else, why not help the NRW not slag them off. We had pollution problems, grazing issues and breeding fish problems. We now have an excellent section of River. We now have no need to stock and have not had a pollution issue for many years (long may it continue) and no stock in the river. We work with the NRW and receive help from them when we need it.
    Don't get me wrong, we still have issues, but with the hard work of a few members and help from landowners, the local council and the NRW, we are wining.
    Don't slag off, fix the problem.
    Good luck fixing Welsh dairy farmers!

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    I think that there is some confusion between criticism for the organisation as opposed to individual employees, the latter I have always found to be hard working & conscientious. However the body that they work for is a total disgrace, anglers have seen the demise of migratory fish stock first hand over the last 20 years, their own data proves that. Nothing that NRW says or does gives me the slightest confidence in their ability to carry out their mandate with at any level.
    FYI I do “get off my ass”, I own a mile stretch of a North Wales spate river, once full of Sea Trout, so I have a very keen personal interest in NRW & their machinations.
    Let me ask a question, to all, why is it that any Statutory Body you have an interaction with, usually, asks you to participate in a Customer Satisfaction Survey, anyone ever seen one from NRW?
    I wonder why!

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