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    Default Daft(?) Question.

    Been fishing the Tees for a few years now; (cut my teeth on the Wear years ago). Really enjoying the waters, both at Blackwell and the DBT waters. Not been massively successful size wise, but enjoyable to the point of obsession! ...just about to head out now infact🎣
    My question , which feels a bit daft regards fish i.d.
    Fortnight ago whilst fishing dry at the croft free stretch was plagued with fingerling salmonids of some description....if I had to name them, I would have said rainbows. Last week at piercebridge had a very quiet night however landed a nice 12" fish, which again was silvery with a pink band down its length.
    Again, looked more rainbow than anything else. My understanding was all salmonids in Tees were natives. No photos taken.
    Would be interested in peoples thoughts.
    Ive had b.t, rainbow, s.t, previously .
    If I'm being daft kind 😉

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    Default Re: Daft(?) Question.

    Chances are your catching salmon Parr/Smolt . I tend to move on and leave them alone when experiencing what your describing.

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    Default Re: Daft(?) Question.

    As George says, you're catching salmon smolt or parr. Usually during May they can be a bit of a pain. They tend to shoal up and will happily take a dry, although can be lightening fast and hard to hook. They look very silver and sometimes can be mistaken for Sea Trout. If I catch one I usually move on to avoid catching more. A couple of weeks ago on the Middle Tees I was being plagued by them. They usually migrate downstream by the end of May and we can get back to catching Brown Trout.

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    Default Re: Daft(?) Question.

    Salmon smolts don't have a pink stripe along them, it would be helpful if you could snap a photo of one.


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    Default Re: Daft(?) Question.

    Sorry for the late reply; computer/phone hassles, but thanks for your opinions. No photo was taken , but there was a definate pinkish tinge to the flank.... I was a bit baffled; a photo would have been a good idea.

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