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    Default Re: Nottinghan City Centre Rivers

    I like your intrepid spirit, and enjoy reading about trout turning up where least expected.

    If I did all the hard work, like you, I certainly wouldn't share! Aren't you worried somebody popping in will recognise those spots and be less forgiving to those long-lived fish?

    I look forward to the next update.

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    Default Re: Nottinghan City Centre Rivers

    I did get back to the Notts. venue one last time in the summer.
    A week later (August 18th) I was checking out the downstream section close to the Trent.
    It was the same here - most of the time was spent driving, walking, getting lost. trying to park. tearing hair out...
    Eventually though I found somewhere that looked worthy of a fish or two and actually looked better for trout than the spots where I'd done so well with the big browns previously.

    I started fishing up into a concrete culvert - not a picturesque, secluded mountain stream but if there are fish then I'm happy.

    Nottinghan City Centre Rivers-18_aug_19_notts1-jpg

    I'd got a new Sunray "Zero" rod to try out and couldn't wait for whatever would put a bend into it. I didn't have to wait long.
    The left hand side of the culvert was stuffed with small fish. A couple of small tungsten bead nymphs started picking them off from the first cast.
    By the time takes had dried up, from the right hand side too, I'd had about 15 perch, a couple of dace and small chub, a nice roach and a rudd. They all felt huge on the super light rod. ;-)
    The biggest perch, not huge but not a tiddler either:
    Nottinghan City Centre Rivers-18_aug_19_notts-jpg
    Downstream was really flowing and full of streamer weed. Here there was one of the best rises going on I'd ever witnessed. It was like being on a prime stretch of the dove at last light! They were not trout though but fat dace. If I'd had kit with me to throw a dry then I would have been in heaven but a nymph line with a strong downstream breeze wasn't going to work.
    I still managed to add more perch and a few dace on nymphs though.
    Nottinghan City Centre Rivers-18_aug_19_notts2-jpg
    I only had about 2 hours of actual fishing by the time I'd settled on the right area but that time planning was well spent as the coarse fly fishing was's not all about fat trout.
    I'd meant to go back again but got side tracked with sea fishing from my kayak and from harbour walls, as you do when you live in the middle of the country. ;-)
    I'll be back this autumn/winter, if the rivers ever get back to normal levels, for the big roach and perch I spotted over the summer.
    It's not flyfishing if you're throwing bait in....learn to do it properlyHidden Content

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