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    Quote Originally Posted by haggstock View Post
    I went out onto the Wharfe on Monday , what a beautiful day . If you ever needed an example of why just being on the river is good for your health it was Monday . The water was pristine , with every detail on the bottom viewable in slacker parts through polarised glasses . I started in a pool blow Barden Bridge and worked down a hundred yards of water with two spiders , a bead headed snipe and purple and a water hen bloa , - despite sporadic hatches , not a touch . I came out of the river to warm up , the water was freezing and had 15 minutes just watching the river.Despite an upstream breeze blowing hatching LDOs onto the water nothing was being taken from the top . I decided to fish my way back up the river methodically coveting a grid using a Klink with a size 18 “ Mary Copperhead “ on shortish trailing length . This turned out to be the right thing to do ! In the slack water on the far bank I had a tussle with a decent fish that put a nice bend in the rod , in the net it was s lovely marked brownie that measured up around 18” . Job done first fish of the season . After a 20 minute warm up at the car I went to the tail of the next pool and back to the Klink and dink . Two or 3 drifts in , there was a flash of colour and the Klink went under , Grayling ! measured up against the net 16” ! After that I decided to call it a day , I’d worked hard and covered a lot of water for those two , in very difficult conditions. I left happy and treated myself to a 99 from the van on the bridge !

    I had thought about going up again today but the weather has changed dramatically and it’s lashing it down !
    Yup I was envious of you yesterday Haggstock, I had to work but my mind was at the river. You had a good result with the water so cold. And those fish would be wild and hungry.

    I agree unpleasant today for fishing. However any hatches will be slow to get off in this wet weather.

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    Headed high up the Dale today first this season & was met with low lying mist & a chilled southerly wind, no fly movement at all but managed to winkle out a half dozen Grayling as yet no signs of spawning, a couple of nice fish amongst them and a single trout, before the heavens opened and torrential rain fell.
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