With more rain of late and consequent lift in water levels, I have been spending more time, especially in the evenings, fishing on my smaller, local, Yorkshire becks. The fishing has been incredible, with water height and clarity about as perfect as it gets, I have been hitting double figures within an hour of starting to fish. Yes the fish are small and yes all have been caught on tiny PTN patterns, but the fishing at close quarters in tight woodland/ vegetation has been absorbing and rewarding. I have had the very occasional 8" and 10" fish which are exceptional on these small, shallow, fast running, boulder strewn streams. Indeed, I was fishing the other evening with the sun a globe of bright, white light, piercing the canopy and reflecting brightly off the steeley, gun metal blue water and me, the fisherman, as the center piece and it reminded me of something like a Claude Monet painting. It really was something special and added much to my fishing session. On a more recent evening, on the walking down the field, I met the archetypal fox, going about her business and sniffing the air the other side of a dry stone wall that she was patrolling. A russet red vixen, with black stocking legs to match, truly magical and then later that same evening the Sparrow Hawk, speeding down stream, below the arched canopy of leaves, almost took my hat off, swerving in full flight at the last moment, then to continue on downstream at the same break neck speed, untroubled by its human encounter.

Well if we can keep this water height I might do a bit of Barbel fishing next month, as a change to the fly. I like the fly on the still water in September but I not over keen with the rivers, I just never think they fish as well later summer as spring, but it won't stop me trying.