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    My old man (now gone to the great fishing grounds in the sky) used to be a member of the old syndicate and I occasionally fished there with him. It was at that time run by colonel Hawton-Fawkes, the water was stocked with rainbows, some of them good fish. There were also resident browns in there although I never saw anything of any size. It was a testing water back then and we had access to the river Washburn that flowed from the reservoir until it joined the Wharfe. There were many escapee rainbows in the river and it made for good sport.
    The local poachers new this and the river was obviously fished by a few that were in the know. The syndicate folded many years ago and it turned into a bit of a free for all with lads turning up chucking spinners here there and everywhere...….

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    Quote Originally Posted by haggstock View Post
    He’s a nice guy , I took him onto the BA stretch on a guest ticket on Thursday . Given the weather , he did very well with a “ high sticking” technique pulling a few very decent fish from the depths . There were fish to be had in the faster water . I had a cracker on a Mary Copperhead , it went like stink , a proper 1lb wild fish , short lined , played ,netted and released, all under the scrutinity of the River Keeper !

    Tenneswede mentioned he’d been chatting to anglers at Addingham on Wednesday as well , he was very complimentary about the whole area , sometimes perhaps we forget how lucky we are to fish the Wharfe.
    While mulling over the season gone, I thought about Tennesswede and his visit to the dales rivers. Did anyone hear anymore from him?

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