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    Quote Originally Posted by Cap'n Fishy View Post
    Ironically, as they bugger-off elsewhere, it finally gives folk like Jimmy and me a chance to book a boat on Menteith, so we can do a bit of mayfly fishing. They desperados have no interest in the mayfly hatch. It's the jewel in the crown of the whole season, FFS!
    Seen the odd one or two but haven't been there during a big hatch yet. Our 2 work outings are always early May and September.
    But we've hit it during some great buzzer fishing so I can well imagine how good it is in a decent Mayfly hatch.
    I'll maybe try for a booking when the fishmonger tools are off the water.
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    Default Re: So Do many agree with this

    I to regulary fish at the Goldenloch have done since it became a day ticket venue. It's a grand place to fish. John has made a few improvements recently up grading both his boats and fishing platforms, hes made a road to get your car right up to the boat jetty and he has improved the water outlet. The quality of fish is second to none

    Tight Lines.

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