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    Default How to sell vintage / collectable gear?

    I hope this is permissible in this section!

    How do you sell vintage and collectable fishing gear?

    The vast majority of my late uncle's fishing gear was just generic, inexpensive stuff, but one item has turned out to be vintage and collectable. I looked it up on the internet before deciding to pay to have it restored - one eye was missing and another was damaged. I took it to a local shop and they in turn passed it on to a professional rod builder/restorer. He did his own research and confirmed it was collectable and potentially worth more than I had thought!

    Sadly he wasn't able to offer any advice on how best to sell it.

    The only thing I can think of is to find a specialist fishing gear auction?

    Any suggestions on the best way to sell it? (It's a carp rod if that makes any difference - and is the reason I'm selling and not keeping it!)

    thanks all,


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    Default Re: How to sell vintage / collectable gear?

    EBay is OK but you will have problems arranging delivery because of the length (2 x 5'?), the Post Office won't accept it. Mullocks are a specialist vintage/collectable fishing tackle auctioneers, look them up on Google. There are lots of carp rods for sale on eBay ranging from 100 to 5,000 depending on provenance. Most collectors want them unrestored.

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    Default Re: How to sell vintage / collectable gear?

    Get in touch with Thomas Turner they run the forums and put plenty of ads out.
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    Default Re: How to sell vintage / collectable gear?

    Hi Pippa,

    Yes, as previously advised you could try our vintage tackle shop, Antique & Vintage Fishing Tackle Shop and Used Modern Classic Fishing Tackle - Thomas Turner , or email details and a photo to our expert John Stephenson on and he will get back to you.

    If you prefer to sell it on Ebay, as sofasurfer says the Post Office won't accept it. We've found that Interparcel are generally the most likely to accept longer rods and also usually cheapest.
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