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Thread: llangollen

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottratt View Post
    Can anyone give me some tips and advice please on best places to fish the dee around llangollen
    Did you get over there? Any good?

    I have a visit to wrexham tommorrow, so I'm going for an other bash. Level looks to be at the bottom of the green section on the gauge, so hopefully shouldn't be too lairy.

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    Re safe wading below Llangollen

    I fished 3 stretches yesterday. River was at 0.70 level and running clear.

    I fished with a friend - his waders studded felt soles, mine cleated rubber (Snowbee Granite).

    Mine were lovely and warm and worked OK in the first slow moving stretch I waded.

    The next stretch I tried to follow my friend downriver but my boots were sliding every step and the sheer force of the current made me retread my steps very slowly back to the bankside. My friend waded on up to his waist.

    I was very glad I had a wading staff - they are absolutely essential. But take great care especially if you have rubber soles on your waders. I won't be going out in them again

    I am going to either get new studded felt soled waders , or as the ones I have are virtually unused I may well buy some wader studs and screw them in or buy some Snowbee Rockhopper wader grips (about a tenner) which you can apparently clip on over any soles.

    Good luck

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    Reading the posts on wading the Welsh Dee, Iwas amazed at the posting that states the Dee is safe as it has a gravelly bed. The Dee on the Llan/maelor section (about 10miles) has A very Diverse bed ranging from silt, stones varied in size from small pebbles to large rocks and boulders, slabs which be very slippery with deep drop offs. There are deep channels with fast currents and undercurrents even in lower water. Felts soles or felts sole with studded heals are desirable, wearing just the rubber cleated soles is asking for a ducking. A staff is essential. The length above Horseshoe on the RH bank is ok in lower water,, however the LH bank below Llantysilio church has slabs with drop offs. Very dangerous. As Chris says the Dee can be a very dangerous river and you could end up being pulled out. When the level gets towards 70 you can certainly feel more force. Go with someone who knows the river or in summer when it's low 49/ 50's and sus out the safer wading spots. Better still book a river guide, or join the club and get to know the wonderful Dee. It's not far from you and cheap. Both Corwen and Llan.

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    Hi all,

    Recently fished at glyndwr preserve above Rhewl, unsuccessful trip in terms of fish but a very nice day non the less.

    Few words and pics over at 'thetreetrout'


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