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    Default Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    Seven Oaks Fishery, Talygarn, nr Pontyclun, Vale of Glamorgan, CF72 9JU (tel: 01446 775474): dt on site for game (dt prices depending on number of fish) and coarse fishing dt; also novice pool for trout, (limit 6 fish); tackle hire and some tackle sold on site, bank only, good access for disabled.

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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    First time to visit seven oaks today and it will be my last, arrived at 8am started fishing shortly after.. there seemed plenty of activity fish raising occasionally. After fishing for about 2hrs an noticing alot of fish raising in the one corner i strolled across to see what was happening, to my horror there was dead fishing rotting and about thirty fish on their last breath... i was netting trout an carp to see what was wrong an theses fish had no eyes an some sort of fungul growing on them... i packed up an approached the owner to make her aware of this and was gobsmacked by her reply that they new there was a problem.. no mention of this wen they took my 16 fee

    i left and contacted the enviroment agency and their dealing with it..

    by far the worst experince in the 15yrs i been fishing

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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    That place has gone downhill since terry and june stopped running it, went there about three months back and fish werent in the best condition then

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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    Been out and about today its the talk on everyones lips,poor and disgrace were but two words mentioned.


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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    Disgusting is the word id use never in my life will i fish in seven oaks again and my opinion it should be closed absolute cruelty

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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    It's always best to avoid seven oaks after a prolonged period of heat as the lake water levels drop rapidly. When June and terry owned the lake they used to close it for weeks on end as the fish used to die due to lack of oxygen. I think the lake leaks water so when theres no rain this is why it empties so quickly. It's a decent fishery during the winter with some big fish. However I think it's gone down hill slightly since the introduction of the carp in the main lake the water quality has gone down hill it has become a lot dirtier which has made the fishing harder in my opinion.

    Thanks Nathan ps not the same Nathan as the one above

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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    sad to hear this, used to like my occasional winter afternoon hunting the mythical biguns , if I'd just invested all that cash in a fishing complex I'd make sure I had good technical support, it was for sale for a while for a big chunk of cash...

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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    No takers hence the family relatives taking over??
    I wonder why


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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    I've had some good days at Sevenoaks(plenty of bad ones too).
    The last time I went there was at the start of the hot weather,the water level was very low,James had let it drop because there's several leaks on one bank,which he's trying to fix.
    The water was filthy though,I didn't have pull & left after a couple of hours.
    Called in a couple of weeks ago as I was passing by & the fly lake was closed,they'd netted about 50 fish the day before there were plenty floating belly up again,others swimming in circles like they'd gone stir crazy,not a nice sight.
    I was told they were going to get rid of the dead fish,repair the banks & re-stock once the weather cooled down,I personally think they need to empty it & dredge the place,god knows how many fish have rotted away on the bottom.
    As said earlier this is a good winter fishery,I hope James gets things sorted,he's not a bad bloke.
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    Default Re: Seven Oaks Fishery, Vale of Glamorgan

    Why continue taking fees off people if they know the waters are in such a state thats my question... and when i confronted them the attitude i got was they didn care... looks like to me their in it for one thing an thats the money an not the slightest interest in sorting the issues out

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